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Instructions for payment of participation (registration fee)

Instructions for payment of participation (registration fee)

The registration fee is paid by the authors, which works have been accepted after scientific selection.

Registration fee for all sections:

*full-time, online, absentee participation - 1,400 rubles;

* participation for students of NSU, SESC of NSU, HCI of NSU and postgraduated students of NSU -  free;

*participation  for pupils of the schools -  free;

* printed proceedings  - 600 rubles.

How to pay:

Attention! You can pay the registration fee only after the acceptance of your report (status   "Accepted").  In that case will appear the button "Payment" on the right menu.

Select one of the offered variants and click the "Send" button. If you want to get a printed book of Proceedings, obligatorily notice it here.

You will be automatically redirected to the payment page. Enter the requested data of your card  and click  the "Pay" button.  Make sure you've entered the correct payment information.  In case an error in time of payment,  contact the NSU Technical Support Service -